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Duties of the Public Authority.: The Duties of the public Authority (Deptt) is to formulate Policies and Programmes and in this connection co-ordinate, supervise and monitor their implementation towards realization of the stated objectives.
List of services being provided by the Public Authority with a brief up on them.

Home Guards:-

  • To serve as an auxiliary to the police and assist in maintaining internal security.
  • Assist the community in any kind of emergency in air raid fire, flood,epidemic and so on.
  • Organise functional units to provide essential services such as motor transport, pioneer and engineer groups , fire brigades , nursing and first aid operation of water and power supply in installation etc
  • Promote communal harmony and give assistance to the administrator in protecting weaker sections of the society .
  • Participate in socio Economic and welfare activities such as adult education , health and hygiene development.

Civil Defence:-

  • To train volunteers on Civil defence Subjects like first aid, disaster warden services, communication , flood, fire fighting, rescue, etc.
  • To air raid precautions like evacuation shelter , Blackout etc.
  • To organise as an integral part of the defence of the country
  • Civil defence arrangements in selected places and vital installations.
  • Civil Defence is primarily on a voluntary basis