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Role of Home Guards & Civil Defence


The following revised roles are assigned to the Home Guards. These instructions have been reiterated from to time.

  • Serve as an auxiliary to the police and assist in maintaining internal security.
  • Assist the community in any kind of emergency - in air raid, a fire, a flood, an epidemic and so on.
  • Organise functional units to provide essential services, such as, motor transport, pioneer and engineer groups, fire brigades, nursing and first aid, operation of water and power supply installations.
  • Promote communal harmony and give assistance to the administration in protecting weaker sections of the Society
  • Participate in socio-economic and welfare activities, such as, adult education, health and hygiene, development schemes and such other tasks as are deemed useful.


Category I and I-A towns are to have full scale Civil Defence measures, wherein the under mentioned Civil Defence services have to be manned by Urban Home Guards :

  • Incident control and Reconnaissance parties (to the extent possible).
  • Rescue parties.
  • Trailer pump parties.
  • Mobile Canteens.
  • Part-time instructors.